Sunday Services:
9:00-10:30 AM
Howe Chapel  |  439 Coffman St  |  Longmont, CO


First and foremost we are Christians, folowers of Jesus Christ who is our Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord or Lords. We believe in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We live out or faith and Worship following three streams which form one river of faith. The three streams are the historic ones of the Sacred, the Spirit, and the Scripture or Sacremental, charismatic and evangelical. Our passion is to love and serve our God wholeheartedly and to love and serve one another as His followers and indeed to proclaim the love of God to all people in all places at all times.Please come among us and share your story and learn ours if you feel the yearning to move toward God in an Ancient yet Future path.

If you wonder what it means to be Anglican the article below may help you understand: