Sunday Services:
9:00-10:30 AM
Howe Chapel  |  439 Coffman St  |  Longmont, CO


Our liturgical worship:  In the book of Acts and the Epistles, there are indications of what Christians did when they met together. They sang, heard the Scriptures read and explained, remembered and proclaimed the death of Jesus, and offered prayers not only for themselves but for all people. In time, Christians developed forms and patterns for this type of gathering which today we call liturgy. Our worship is decidedly liturgical… but fresh! We work to keep the liturgy intelligible in language and appropriate to our time and culture.

Our worship follows the Liturgical Cycle:  The liturgical cycle divides the year into a series of seasons, each with their own mood, theological emphases, and modes of prayer, which can be signified by different ways of decorating churches, the colors used at the altar and in the vestments of clergy, scriptural readings, themes for preaching and even different traditions and practices often observed personally or in the home. In churches that follow the liturgical year, the scripture passages for each Sunday (and even each day of the year in some traditions) are specified in a lectionary.

Worship through music is an important part of our worship services.  Our music includes selections from classic hymns to the latest contemporary Christian songs.