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This year, much of my time has been spent trying to raise first $4,000.00 and then another $20,000.00 to get much needed medical equipment shipped to our sister Diocese in Kibondo, Tanzania.

Thanks be to God I believe as I write that we are almost if not completely there. The first $4,000.00 was spend to send someone over there from Project C.U.R.E. in Denver last August. Then $20,000.00 is needed to ship half a million dollars of medical equipment. That equipment is being gathered together as I write and our hope is that the last of the money will be in our Friends of Kibondo account in the next week or two so that we can ship it by Easter or before!

Our dear friends in Kibondo serving the Lord along side Bishop Sospeter Ndenza are doing wonderfully well in spreading the Gospel as they have started a number of new churches each having multiple outpost congregations. They are growing and praising the Lord. Of course their physical needs are always immense. With civil conflict running rampant in neighboring Burundi, over 150,000 refugees have
crowded into Kibondo, a city of only 25,000 people. This strain on infrastructure and resources has been huge. The United Nations has set up headquarters on the Diocesan property and the Diocese is helping in every way possible. Bishop Sospeter has been permitted to offer worship among the refugees in the camps and has seen hundreds baptized and confirmed. Praise the Lord for how He brings such great good out of such difficulty.

An earthquake ruined Bishop Sospeter’s home, making it necessary for he and his family to have to move to a small village house. There has been a drought lasting long into what should be the rainy season meaning food will be in short supply as crops are devastated. Please hold these dear Brothers and Sisters in prayer and give thanks for all God is doing among them and pray for provision in every regard.

Blessings in Jesus, Gerry